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There are some rules for all members. Please follow these rules to be a good boy and avoid being banned ;)

0) The main and only language on the forum is English. We decided to keep the forum international. I'm sure that everyone can use Eng.
1) NO SPAMMING! This is the main rule.
2) NO URL ALLOWED! Only allowed file host URL's you can post on Nudostar. No URL shortener's too. Telegram not allowed too.
3) Any files you upload must not be password protected or you can use "Nudostar" as a password.
4) Before making a request be sure that this content has not already been requested or posted (use search please).
5) No selling content and no asking money for upload.
6) Administrators and Moderators can edit, delete and move threads and replies.
7) Everyone you post must be 18 and over.
8) NOT ALLOWED inviting users to private messages to share links!
9) NO ******* LINKS! and any chats promotion
10) NOT ALLOWED "BUMP" and etc posts for upping the forum threads. Nudostar forum has the special plugin for it now.
11) DM's opened only for "Approved" users. To get this rank your reaction score must be >10. Post leaks for getting likes ;)

Nudostar can change at any time - please, follow this thread.

You can send me any suggestions in PM.

UPDATE 1, 2020-03-11 - added 8th rules item
UPDATE 2, 2020-04-06 - added 9th rules item
UPDATE 3, 2020-04-07 - added language rule item
UPDATE 4, 2020-06-16 - added "bump" post rule item
UPDATE 5, 2020-07-02 - you can use our upload service to submit girls leaks anonymously
UPDATE 6, 2020-09-01 - DM's opened only for approved users
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